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Many leagues share "How to" documents with their teams, such as:

  • League Handbook
  • In-Season Meet Guide
  • Championship Meet Guide
  • Computer Operator File Transfer Procedures

To link to documents simply use the "File Attachments" snippet. Go to Manage Site > Edit Page Content, click on the +Add Snippet link and drag the "File Attachments" snippet into place on your page. If you want the file to open in a web browser use a PDF file, or use a document format, like .doc, if you want visitors to download the files to their computers. 

Alternatively, you can edit this text box and add links to files that have been uploaded in your Settings area.

Making Pages Private

This page (and any page) can also be made private if you only want this information available to league members with a SwimTopia login and password (click on the page's "Properties" from the "Edit Navigation" screen, check the box "Private?"). 

Access to Private Pages on Your League Site

Private pages will be visible to any team members from teams that use SwimTopia (as their sites will be linked to this site).  To log in to your league site, they will use the same email address and password they use to log in to their team site

Leagues can give other people access to their league site by opening a registration form and letting people register. If you'd like to use this feature contact help@swimtopia.com and we can switch off the part of the registration form that collects athlete information. 

This content can be easily deleted as you create your own content: go to Manage Site > Edit Page Content and click on the pencil icon in the upper right corner of each snippet. You may rename, move, or delete this page by going to Manage Site > Edit Navigation; for more information, see our Help Center article here.

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